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Kelly Roach is known as the business catalyst, helping elite business owners become trailblazing disruptors in their industry. By combining timeless business principles employed by billion-dollar corporations with the speed and agility of today’s most powerful online marketing strategies, Kelly helps entrepreneurs achieve million-dollar breakthroughs in their business, with simplicity and connection. As a former Fortune 500 executive, Kelly built and led record-breaking sales teams in 17 locations around the United States. Kelly has built her coaching company to the multi-million dollar mark by leveraging scalable intimacy to create the first-ever accountability driven coaching program on the market while revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs launch their offers. In addition to being a best-selling author, Kelly is a regular, featured expert on both local and national news outlets and a guest contributor to the business world’s top publications. She also hosts her Top 50 Marketing podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio.  

Kelly is committed to ongoing philanthropic work, with a 1:1 business model that brings clean drinking water to those who do not have access, through her Human Family Foundation, and is the co-owner of Give Her Courage, a movement designed to give young girls the competitive edge they need to rise to the top, break through barriers, and create lasting change in the world.