Are you a highly successful 6-figure entrepreneur looking to

finally hit 7-figures in 2022?

In this free workshop, we will teach you how to create a high impact, high-ticket offer, leverage magnetic messaging, and become an industry leader in a category all your own.

When Avis Jones Deweever joined our program, she was making $300,000 a year - now, she has been able to bring in over 2 million in just 6 months

Dr. Angela Tran took her brick and mortar business online when the pandemic hit - and not only kept her 8 full-time employees, but has since hired an additional 7

Allison Williams brought in over $200,000 in revenue from a launch where EVERYTHING went wrong - including a medical emergency.

You’ll learn how to…


Step into TRUE market leadership and get millions enrolled in your movement.

You were put here to make a difference in the world for people in a unique way that only you can deliver. We’ll help you nail down your story that sells: from why you started to how you’re changing lives, so that you can stand out from the noise and magnetize the right audience.


Construct disruptive language that reflects your unique and superior solution.

You know you can get better results for your market than 90% of your competitors. We’ll help you identify and lean into your deepest convictions so that you can effectively communicate who exactly you serve and the outcomes you get them.


Construct a multi-million dollar offer that sells on demand

We’ll help you nail down your flagship offer, position it as the one and ONLY solution to age-old problems in your industry, and turn it into a hybrid group program that gives you time freedom, financial freedom, and scale.


Magnify your message and convert into millions on demand

No more hours wasted on 1:1 sales calls. If you’re going to scale to 7-figures, you need a repeatable sales system that allows you to sell your high-ticket offers to large groups of people. We’ll walk you through our top sales strategy of 2022: what’s working, and what’s not working.

In 9 months, Heather Alice Sheahas done $550,000 in sales, built a team of seven full-time employees, and now has organic traffic coming in

Tony Child went from churning his wheels with little results to having CONSISTENT multi 6 figure launches.

Keri Murphy doubled down when the pandemic hit, asked for support when she needed it, and had her very best year yet.

Learn how to scale from


creator of the Live Launch Method, author of 3 best selling books, host of a Top 10 Marketing Podcast, and one of just a handful of female founders who have built their company to the 8-figure mark.

Before starting my own company, I spent years in corporate America, rising through the ranks of a Fortune 500 to become the youngest SVP in the company. During this time, I led a team of over 100 to record-breaking sales, even during the economic downturn of 2008-2010.

Today, my team and I combine the timeless business principles every major corporation has leveraged for years with the cutting edge online marketing strategies of today. The result has been wildly successful businesses thriving in today’s world, across countless industries around the globe.



We work with business athletes. People who aren’t afraid to put in the work and operate with dedication and integrity. People who are willing to say good-bye to the status quo and demand better for their market and for themselves.

Sound like you? Join us! We start on January 10th!

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